Hi! I know I’ve been away for a bit but after a summer away to re-configure some things and get back on track, I’m ready and re-energized! Because Fall is like a fresh start, I’m sharing a few fun facts that you might not know about me. I did this on my previous blog that is now defunct, here it is again with loads of different facts! 

  1. I’m very passionate about my Irish heritage. I could talk for hours about Irish history and my fave places around the country!

    The view in the Sally Gap, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
  2. I absolutely love to cook! Huge foodie over here, guys!
  3. I used to write songs, play guitar and perform at various coffee houses around the city!
  4. Jamie Oliver is my ultimate celeb crush!
  5. I’m 5’2 — tiny but I have a big personality!
  6. I own too many striped shirts 
  7. I enjoy abstract painting
  8. My astrology sign is Pisces and I’m a true Pisces — sensitive and intuitive
  9. I might have a slight obsession with high end skincare products
  10. I wear 8 rings everyday and each one has a special meaning 
  11. My favourite colour is midnight blue
  12. I’ve seen Les Mis a zillion times and could watch it a zillion more times!
  13. I have an extensive cookbook collection in my house, mostly consisting of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay
  14. The Carpenters are my favourite band
  15. British humour and slang is my favourite!
  16. I have zero alcohol tolerance #lightweight
  17. I’m extremely sentimental and I collect little things that remind me of certain people in my life.
  18. I’m very knowledgable about dog breeds. A talent I’ve possessed since the age of 6
  19. Atlanta is one of my favourite cities in the world
  20. Victoria Beckham is one of my ultimate fashion icons
  21. Princess Diana is my forever role model
  22. I take a scorching hot bath everyday
  23. I’d be very happy if I could marry Ed Sheeran
  24. I change my nail colour every few days
  25. After many years feeling stuck and not knowing what I want to do with my life, I now have direction and I’m truly happy.

As I said, I took the summer away to brainstorm and really think about what I really want to write. I want to be as authentic as I can and honest and real. Social media and Instagram isn’t everything and it really doesn’t matter how many likes you get on your #OOTD. I want to be a blogger and a writer because I want to share my experiences and thoughts with you, not because it’s the trendy thing to do. I’m so grateful to have each of you and if I can make someone’s day a little bit brighter then I’ve done my job.

I appreciate and love you all, it feels great to be back!



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